Sofias Galleri


Konst för den norrländska själen


Art of the northern soul

My name is Sofia Ohlsén. I live close to the Swedish mountains and love snow, speed and skiing. Since 2000 I have exhibited oil paintings at the Art Hall located in the ski resort Åre, Sweden. Alpine environment feels natural to paint because skiing is a big part of my life. 

The main subject are my husband Marcus Ohlsén. He is the skier who grew up in the ”Great blue lake” located in northern Sweden, where the family ran a hotel and a ski area during 1974-1989. Marcus has been skiing his hole life around the world together with ski photographers. I have the privilege to use their photographs as models for my paintings.  

Biography: 2 year course at art school,  2.5 years animation techniques. 2007 was shown my animated movie ”The Flea & the Time” on Swedish television. I have worked with art and graphic design for about 20 years, most recently as a designer at leading outdoor magazine in Sweden.